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College Football Losers – Reading Between the Lines For 2009

What will happen when the 2009 college football season rolls around? The grass will be cut, lines painted and fields marked off. The Gatorade will be deposited in the cooler and the beer will be chilling! (They occasionally mix up the two in Lincoln.) Hope will flourish on football fields across this great land – just waiting for the downpour of reality to swamp the optimism of late summer. This is the time for fans and alumni to start believing that this is their เว็บพนันออนไลน์ ufabet year – the year their school sheds the embarrassment of losing in the NCAA’s top football division.

Some of the downtrodden would settle for a single win against a decent opponent. Some would no doubt enjoy a win of any variety – including beating the Northern Idaho Drum and Bugle Corps (Iowa State is trying to squeeze in NIDBC between early season dates with Kent State and South Dakota State).

There are several non-decent opponents willing to send out a team for a price. Witness Western Kentucky taking on the Florida Gators to open the season a couple of years ago, and Appalachian State was granted the honor of being utterly whacked silly by the Wolverines in Ann Arbor to open the Maize and Blue’s season. Unfortunately for Big Blue, Appalachian actually showed up and put the Wolverines into a two year skid into the mud and muck of bowl ineligibility.

Will this year be a drive to a championship? Or will it be a “rebuilding” year. A ‘rebuilding year’ is a term used by college coaches who don’t want to get fired. Coaches and alumni are very careful in the words they choose, so this week’s public service is to provide a watch list of key words and phrases that identify the losers in our midst.