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Discovering the Right Dosage of Fish Oil

With a larger number of people becoming more and more interested in their health, the popularity of supplements such as fish oil has grown immensely. One question that arises though is what the right dosage of fish oil is. The correct dosage can give the best benefits to your health.

In fact, the correct dosage is necessary. This is because overdosing and under-dosing are equally not advisable. If you are taking an insufficient amount of this supplement, the supplement’s results may not be what you are expecting. At the same time, overdosing can also result in harmful interactions in your body. For this reason, here are some guidelines to help you decide what the appropriate dosage is:


The appropriate dosage largely depends on one’s age. This is because your body’s immunity level goes down as you mature. As a result, you can become more susceptible to health conditions in the heart and cardiovascular organs.

This is the reason why an adult will need more than what a child would be recommended to take.

Health Condition

The same principle applies to people who have a health condition. If you RAD 140 review have been diagnosed with a health ailment, you will need a higher dosage as compared to those who are healthier. This is because you already have a lesser amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in your blood stream. You will need a higher amount of fish oil supplement first in order to help you recover from your current ailment. Afterward, you can start using these supplements to help protect you from other ailments.

The daily recommended dosage of fish oil supplements for a healthy adult is 500 mg of DHA, while a healthy child only needs 250 mg of DHA. If you want the best results, look for supplements that contain a minimum of 250 mg of DHA per 1000 mg fish oil.

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