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Getting Out of a Disaster!

I’ve been doing this business since August 1989 and I have heard and seen just about everything you can think of when it comes to high school athletes getting recruited for college. I use to play college basketball during the 1980’s and to me; the only thing that has changed is the talent level of the players. I mean nothing has really changed in the past 20 or so years as to how high school and college coaches deal with players and this covers all sports.

I still hear horror stories about how a high school coach has tried to ruin a high school athlete’s athletic career. Believe it or not, there are high school coaches that will not do anything to help their own players get recruited for college. There are situations where high school coaches have put out misleading information about one of their own athletes to college recruiters with the intent to destroy the student athlete’s chances of being recruited at all. It’s sad to think that this kind of thing is still goes on and my writing this article about it I can’t believe it’s still happening. High school players have been messed over so much for years at the hands of high school coaches.

Here are some things that I have heard and/or had to fix during my years in the business of college recruiting:

High school coaches have held back recruiting letters that come to the schools for a certain player from a college program. What I mean is that the player or players have no idea that a college program has an interest in them because that player did not get the recruiting letters. Sad, but true and many high school coaches feel that they are helping the players by holding back these recruiting letters.

What I did with my recruiting service to fix this problem was to provide the student  ufabetเว็บไหนดีสุดathlete’s home address and phone number in any information that was sent to a college program. That way, the college coaches who were doing the recruiting could just mail letters right to the student athlete’s home without going through the high school.

A very good high school basketball player from Ohio some years ago was told by the school administrators not to take the SAT test!

Now we all know that without this test score, there is no way the student athlete or any athlete could get into college. Their goal was to make sure that the student athlete did not get into college. To this day, I still don’t understand why that high school would do that. But what I did was call the school on that person’s behalf and, with the okay from his parents, find out what the hell was the problem! I mean this high school basketball player was 6’9 and no one was recruiting him because he had no test scores! The school administrators said that they did not think he wanted to go to college! They must have been blind! I guess they did not see a 6’9 basketball player who had talent to play in a college program! Well, I got the school straightened out and got this very good basketball player into college and now he’s playing basketball overseas.